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Coming December 2021

This is the first formal “core rulebook” for the Mnemonic roleplaying game, as well as a resource for telling stories in the Mnemonic setting. This book contains rules for general play, as well as structures for playing out specific session types.

You’ll also find a collection of setting entries to flesh out your understanding of the world, as well as to provide framing for the stories you tell.

In the back of the book is an appendix of stories, poems, and other content contributed by members of the community.

We hope you enjoy.

How Long Does It Take To Play?

Gameplay times will vary from group to group, but we recommend giving yourself at least a couple hours per session, to allow everyone time to get comfortable and find a groove in the story.

What You’ll Need

To play the game, your group will need:


Core Team
Brandon O'Brien
Christian Guanzon
Dee Pennyway
Lexi Antoku
Liam Ginty
Marquis Dugger
N. Masyk
Pamela Punzalan
Sinta Posadas
Vincent Smith
Additional Contributors
Alyssa Manalili
Bee Zelda
Fidelis Tan
Kyle Tam
Max Fefer
Noordin Ali Kadir
Rick Chia
Samuel Mui Shen Ern
Valis Teoh

About the Team

Yubi (they/them) Accessibility Consultant
Yubi lives in Scotland and is passionate about digital accessibility in the TTRPG sphere, historical sewing, and cats. They design their own games, run an actual play podcast, and help make a wide range of TTRPG projects more accessible to more people.
Alyssa Manalili (they/them) Writer
Wasa’s first foray into the world of TTRPG began with the 5E Module Sina Una. A catalyst for their journey, they have since begun to delve into freelance content creation - with a key focus on worldbuild writing and designing.
Bee Zelda (they/them) Writer
Bee Zelda is a non binary podcaster, ttrpg streamer and content creator.
Max Fefer (No Pronouns) Writer
Max is a TTRPG designer who is a water resources engineer by day and an outdoor enthusiast all the time. Max designs GM-agnostic and lyric games with a wide range of themes, from interacting with surrounding ecosystems to Judaism.
Noordin Ali Kadir (He/Him) Writer

Noordin Ali is a freelance TTRPG designer, writer and consultant based currently in Canada. His credits include everything from Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall to Southlands 5e, and as such his approach can shift from time to time. Some things are consistent, however: bend, never break. Tell fascinating and enveloping stories. Be cognizant of potential harm.

There’s nothing better than telling a hard to tell story as safely as you can. Except a chocolate malt. Or werewolves.

Rick Chia Writer
Chronic reader in the streets, lazy writer in the sheets. Keep cool, mate.
Samuel Mui Shen Ern (he/any) Writer
Samuel Mui Shen Ern is a game designer, writer, editor, musician, and visual artist from Malaysia. Their works explore real-world topics like death, relationships, and emotional brokenness with an unwaveringly brutal honesty and a sense of fun(?)! When she’s not working on hir next big thing, he’s probably zoning out to k-pop, experimenting in the kitchen, or telling people to watch Tokyo Gore Police.
Sen.H.H.S. (she/her) Writer
Yvonne, pen name Sen H.H.S., is a Taiwanese freelance TTRPG writer who has both self-published and written for acclaimed publishers such as Paizo and the Unbreakable Anthology.
Dee Pennyway (they/them) Project Manager, Layout Designer, Writer

Dee started as an Assistant Producer working at Beamdog on titles like Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, and they have since been working to write tabletop games set in the world of Mnemonic.

A Weaver’s Almanac represents their first “core rulebook”, their first crowdfunded project, and their first project as team lead.

N. Masyk Writer

Nic is a biracial Black writer, editor, layout artist, producer, distributor, and publisher of tabletop role-playing games based out of Eastern Canada. Nic’s games seek to inject anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-fascist narratives into the lens of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

In addition to Mnemonic, Nic has written for such projects as Trophy, Spire, Candlelight, Codex, Token, There’s Something In The Ice, Disc Horse, Scrap’s Burgers, the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, and Nic’s own projects: UNCONQUERED, Chalice, Into the Black, and others.

Pamela Punzalan (she/they) Writer
Pam is a queer designer, editor, cultural consultant and sensitivity reader based in Manila. She’s done work for projects big and small, such as Spire, World of Darkness, The Islands of Sina Una, the D&D Ancestry and Culture Zine, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Her personal works include Sundo: We Once Mortal and Navathem’s End.
Sinta Posadas (they/them) Art Director, Writer
Sin is a game designer and illustrator from the Philippines who lives in Manila with their loving partner and their rambunctious cat. They make games about love, loss, and revolution and much of the professional art they do gets used in various tabletop projects. They wish to keep at this so that they may continue to feed their voidling of a cat.