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The world is filled with buried memories, ruined places from before the end of the age of war. It has taken centuries to rebuild, and some things remain buried beneath the rubble of the places most ruined by time and catastrophe. Trinkets, stories, memories. Pieces of the past that once belonged to your family, that were stolen, or broken, or forgotten.

Now, you have been sent to recover these things. For yourself, for your family.

Cracks in the Mirror is a game about exploring forgotten places in service of the communities whose history is buried there.

Your group will need a single standard-size poker deck, including two Jokers.

You may also want to keep a piece of paper or a notepad and something to write with, to help you keep track of the world you’re exploring.

This game does not require a facilitator. To play, read the text of each ritual, and follow the instructions.

Cracks in the Mirror is a GMless game for up to four players. In it, you will work together and on your own to develop characters and a group, and then venture into the world to uncover your family’s lost history.

A single session is expected to run approximately 1 hour per active player, with time at the end for reflecting on the experience. The game supports ongoing stories across multiple sessions through the repetition of rituals. You can create a new group of characters each time you play, or keep the same characters from session to session.

No GM Required

Cracks in the Mirror consists of a series of leading questions and story prompts. The world and the story of your characters is entirely driven by the choices you make—about who you are, where you came from, what your part of the world is like. The game is intimate by design; every player is in control of their own part of the story, and no one player is in command of the narrative.

To play, read the text aloud with the members of your group, and answer the questions as you feel comfortable. Safety tools are provided within the text.

The game requires no one to serve as Game Master or facilitator, although your group may decide to have one player read the prompts aloud for the entire group.

What You Need

In addition to the game book (which you can download as a PDF or read here on the site), your group will also need a single standard poker deck (Jokers included). If you don’t have a poker deck, you can use the Card Draw tool, linked here.

Each player may also want to have some paper and writing materials, to keep track of their characters' progress through the world.


The following people directly assisted in the testing and design of this game:

Without the help of these people, Cracks in the Mirror (and most of the world of Mnemonic as it exists today) would not be as successful as it is. Thank you.