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Below you’ll find a collection of games and other resources designed to be used in connection with the Mnemonic setting.

A community-driven collection of planet communities, as described by the people who live in them.
A Weaver's Almanac
Coming December 2021
MemoryMagicPoker Cardsd6JournalOptional GMCrowdfundedCo-Op Model
An extensive resource for playing out longer stories in the world of Mnemonic, for groups that want to experience what might be called traditional-style roleplaying games.
Beyond the Rift
Coming Soon check it out now on
metroidvaniacardsdicejournaling3 players
A metroidvania-like tabletop game set in a world without memory.
Cracks in the Mirror
Coming Soon check it out now on
The world is filled with buried memories, ruined places from before the end of the age of war. Now, you have been sent to recover these things. For yourself, for your family.