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New Narrator

last night I had a thought of like, a story where the narrator is me telling a story

like the story is Big Fantasy but the person telling it is literally me

(if this already exists don’t tell me about it)

“My name is Dee and I have a story to tell, about a place where the world has a memory, where magic is real. We’re going to start this story someplace nice and warm, like the common room of an inn. This is the kind of world where there are inns, and where inns have common rooms.”

“In a minute we’re going to meet our hero, but for now I want you to imagine the warmth of the fire, the smell of hot stew cooking in the kitchen. Outside it might be cold and rainy and dark, but inside this inn, in this common room, everything is nice and…and nice.”

“I want you to know a couple things before the hero comes into the story. First, it’s all going to work out in the end. There’s going to be some difficult things to work through, but this is a story with a happy ending.”

“Second, there’s going to be spiders. Good spiders. I know some people are scared of spiders, and that’s okay. The spiders in this story will not hurt you, and I’m going to do my best to make them as not-scary as I can.”

“Last, this story isn’t real. I’m making it up as I go. That means a lot of things, but primarily it means that at some point there’s probably going to be things that don’t make sense. Maybe I forgot something I set up earlier. Maybe I’ve just decided to do it differently.”

“That’s because this is a story, being written by a person, and that person is me. I’m doing my best.”

“Right. Let’s meet our hero, yeah? Here she comes. The front door opens, blowing pieces of the storm in from outside. Along with the storm comes a figure, draped in a dark cloak, soaking wet.

‘All that bluster,’ the figure says, ‘and nothing good to say.’ "

I don’t know, I think that could be a cool framework.

I spent a bit of time this weekend thinking about (uncharitable thought coming up) the affectation of pretending that your story or game is real, that the person reading or playing it is magical or special for having participated.

Like Dungeon Master being the name of the player who orchestrates the story and world of a game of D&D, instead of “facilitator”. Dungeon Master evokes a sense of power, and not just social power, but fantasy power too.

Mnemonic describes that player as the Weaver, which is a similar affectation. You, the player, are not literally a community leader performing rituals and doing magic. You’re a person sitting at a table telling stories with your friends. The text is an affectation.

And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. But that is why I try to design Mnemonic as being a game-within-a-game, where the external game is you, the player, pretending to be a Weaver. You’re still you.

I don’t know. Just some Monday morning thoughts.

But I like the liberty of being myself even while I’m telling a fantasy story, of knowing I don’t have to pretend this fiction is real.

Also I’m thinking a lot about Green Doom, but that’s a separate thing