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Beyond the Rift 2

Beyond the Rift 2 concepts:

Maybe this time instead of the suits being flavors of story, it’s the face cards, and the suit tells you what kind of event your character is dealing with.

Then the numbered cards are events that everyone has to deal with.

So in the sequel we follow four characters:


Or something

These are archetypes not literal, but it’s like, the child is full of reckless ambition that should have been tempered by the Tear but for some reason wasn’t.

The builder is looking at the damage and trying to make things better.

The king is mourning what was lost.

The ace, the curse, is convinced that the tear will return. And because this is a Rift game, they’re right. There’s always going to be a new Tear to deal with, because beyond the rift the world is supremely messed up.

So this is maybe a four person game? Maybe six? Like you can have a Weaver and an Adversary or you can have players rotate through those roles?

And so if it’s a number card, it’s showing us challenges we have to deal with, and each player has to answer how they deal with it. Maybe…ooh. Oooooh.

You write your solution down.

And then each player rolls.

The player with the highest roll? We use their solution. And only then do we reveal what it is.

Or alternatively:

Everyone writes down one thing that goes well and one thing that goes poorly

The weaver and adversary both roll

The higher roll gets to pick one result to keep, and one to discard. The other then picks randomly to determine the other result? Maybe?

So like, the child writes “we kick their butts | they chase us all the way back home”

The curse writes “we warn them away from the cave | they don’t listen to us”

The weaver gets first pick, chooses the child’s good result. The adversary then can’t pull the child’s bad result.

Maybe that’s enough so that we don’t need to do random pulls.

W picks the good result from Jack, discards Queen. A then has to choose the bad result from either King or Ace.

So in the above example, the situation might be:

Some people find a set of caves that we didn’t know existed and they want to go explore them. We kick their butts to stop them going in—but they still don’t listen to us, and some of them go into the caves anyway.

If it went the other way, it might be that we successfully warn them away from the caves, but they’re bored now, and so they chase us all the way home.

I want to say that the unused results get saved somewhere and pulled back during a confrontation or something, but I don’t know yet how that works.