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Beyond the Rift V2

V2 of Beyond the Rift is going to be much more clearly a Rube Goldberg machine, establishing working components before you begin and then watching them fall into place with each card drop.

V1 is already basically that, but v2 is gonna be more transparent about it.

Each suit represents a “region” of the world beyond the rift, which you’ll be prompted to define in loose terms before you start. Your home is in one of those regions, so you’ll get a taste of region-mapping during character creation.

If you don’t want to map out all four regions from the jump, you can wait until you find them. But doing it once in character creation teaches you the mechanics of defining them.

Defining a new region might ask questions like:

(This thread is talking about a revision to Beyond the Rift FYI—the sequel game, Beyond the Rift II, is a separate project)

Putting together an advanced rule that involves splitting the deck into four parts so you can spend more time in each area before going somewhere new, hmmm

(I’m a big fan of “advanced rules” being small tweaks that aren’t necessarily harder but add more complexity to the game’s setup.)

Anyway that’s what’s coming up for Beyond the Rift, it won’t be published until I have the game store set up on the Mnemonic site

The good news is the layout is already done