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Oppositional Influence

If a situation is exceptionally difficult, the facilitator (or you or another player) can assess one or more oppositional dice for a scene that directly interfere with your ability to find success.

The oppositional dice get rolled after the player rolls. Then the opposition spends their dice to negate the player’s dice, 1:1.

To negate a die, the opp die has to at least match the player’s die. So if the player rolls a 4, the opp die to negate it has to be a 4, 5, or 6.

Opp dice can’t negate weaving dice.

This would require some scaffolding for determining how many opposition dice are appropriate or fair. But it would allow you to, for instance, play out the duel between Luke and Vader, where Luke is powerful but very much not ready.

Or you could play out the showdown in the Emperor’s throne room where Palpatine is actively trying to undermine Luke.

You could build this into a set of Facilitator skills that work just like player skills.

You could even use it for PVP stuff if you really need to.

It seems kind of…fair? Like if you use your best skill here to thwart somebody’s roll you still have to spend your own best skill to do it.

I think probably you have to declare opposition when setting up position, because that’s where the acting player might opt to weave.

Can the opposition weave too?

Hmm that’s interesting. I think maybe yes. If it’s the facilitator that adds a really interesting layer of supernatural something something.

And in the extreme pvp case, you’ve got Catra tearing the world apart out of spite.