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Web Layout

Hugo is easy to set up if you have a template ready to go, it’s a little tricky to get going, but very powerful and the documentation is very thorough.

Read more here:

Eleventy is easy to set up even if you don’t have a template ready to go, but has a steeper learning curve if you want to do more complicated things, and its configuration is harder to read if you aren’t a programmer already.

Find out more:

Both of these are fantastic tools because they let you write your content in Markdown (the same formatting you use to make bold text in Discord) and build out a whole site from that.

I like Eleventy a lot right now, but both are great.

Once you’ve got your site built, deploy it with Firebase to turn it into what’s called a “static web app”. Basically a website. It’s a website, I don’t know why we call things apps when they’re websites.

Find out more about Firebase here:

Once you’ve set up your project as a static web app with Firebase and deployed it (the site will walk you through that), it’ll give you a url you can go to that houses your site.

That url is important.

When you’re ready to publish, create a new file called “index.html” and give it the bare minimum HTML boilerplate to get it to load.

Then add an iframe element, and set its src attribute to the url for your app.

There’s some styling things you’ll need to do to make sure the iframe is full-screen (set the width and height to 100% on both the iframe and the body element, as a start), but now you’ve got a file you can upload to itch.

set up your new itch project as an HTML project under “Kind of Project”, upload your index.html file, and tick the box that says “This file will be played in the browser”.

Below that, set the drop-down to “click to play full-screen” and “enable scrollbars”

and that’s it.

Making it pretty, that part is up to you and your team of amazing artists. But the structure of it and how to get it to publication, this thread is all you need to know.