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Who Gets To Make Art?

once upon a time, everybody made art. everybody sang, and painted, and danced, and told stories, and did all of it. then at one point somebody said “hey you’re way better at telling stories than me, can you just tell stories for me” and the storyteller said “sure, but while I’m doing that can you take care of the baking I was going to do today” and the baker said “sure”

and somewhere along the way we got the idea that if you were good at something, it should be the only thing you ever had to do, and eventually that became “you can only do this thing if you’re good at it” and I think that’s where everything fell apart

there’s jobs that if you don’t know how to do them well you can put people in danger, you can ruin something, you can break something, but I think in most cases where art is concerned there are very few ways that Doing It Poorly leads to People Getting Hurt and I just

I wish sometimes that when someone comes along and knocks the socks off of everyone in the room, that we could celebrate their excellence without turning them into The Only Person Who’s Allowed To Art Now

idk that’s just a thought

like okay maybe one of the problems is that we feel like everybody needs to celebrate the same person at the same time, instead of breaking off into our own little groups to celebrate each other in smaller but more meaningful ways

like if 500 of us all share our art with one panel of five or six judges there’s no way that 500 of us are going to get celebrated, it’s a problem of energy and attention

but to me that’s a problem of not enough judges commanding too many people’s attention and maybe the solution is we have a hundred panels of five judges each and each panel only has to look at five pieces of art

seems like it would be a lot easier to celebrate everybody’s work that way