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These are personal thoughts and observations. They might be messy, or unpolished, or unpleasant. If you read these posts, don’t share them. They’re mostly for me only.

Who Gets To Make Art?
June 4, 2021: once upon a time, everybody made art. everybody sang, and painted, and danced, and told stories, and did all of it. then at one point somebody said “hey you’re way better at telling stories than me, can you just tell stories for me” and the storyteller said “sure, but while I’m doing that can you take care of the baking I was going to do today” and the baker said “sure”Read More...
We don't want to do Corporate.
May 7, 2021: A thread I wrote a while ago about the importance of building a space that serves the needs of everyone, not just the people at the top of the pile.