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The Last Two Months

A lot’s happening, so let’s get to it. We should be entering the editing phase pretty soon, and we have some writing left to do, but in broad strokes the game is finished: you can follow the rules as they’re presented and play the game, and it should be pretty close to what I want that experience to be like.

That said, aside from editing what’s already there, we have a little bit left to write. Here’s the breakdown:

The State of Printing

Printing is still something the team wants to do, but I want to make sure we do it right. That said, it definitely won’t be set up before release; there’s a lot I still need to learn in terms of setting up distribution channels to make sure that costs remain affordable for everybody involved.

I know a lot of people were excited about the prospect of a printed copy of the game, and I am too, so I hope that news isn’t too disappointing, but I want to be honest about setting expectations there.

The Final Product

In terms of publishing this thing, our primary target is a digital format, specifically a web-based book that is usable on both desktop and mobile. I’m using the Eleventy static site generator to build it, and I think folks will be really happy with the results. Every “page” of the site will be printer-ready, so if you need to print any part of it for ease of reference at the table, you’ll be able to do that.

I’m also looking into ways that we can make that version of the book available outside of your web browser, either through a Progressive Web App (something you install from your browser and then can access from your desktop or mobile home screen), or through a stand-alone app built with something like Electron.

The team feels very strongly about making sure that this game isn’t locked into an online-only mode, and fortunately there are a number of ways to make that happen, so we’re going to do it.

What About Pricing?

This is an interesting question. And I think the best way to answer is this:

Now before you go reading through the rough, unedited mess that is the current draft of this book, please understand that everything in it is still under development, some pieces are still being written, and none of it has been edited yet.

There may be text that’s misaligned, there may be art that’s missing, there may be paragraphs that I haven’t removed yet that make references to mechanics that no longer exist. We’re in that phase of the project, so think of this as a kind of…post-alpha build.

Be kind, is what I’m saying.

Anyway, that’s today’s news. Thanks everyone for your patience!

Access the latest version of Mnemonic: A Weaver’s Almanac here.