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New Site, New Blog

It’s taken a bit to get things going, but we finally have a blog! And you’re reading it! From now on, all updates for the Weaver’s Almanac Kickstarter will be posted here first. Starting with this one!

Let’s get to it. Here’s what’s happened since last time I posted an update:

The New Site

The site’s been fully rebuilt using Hugo, and built on top of the Platen framework. This is exciting news for a lot of reasons:

All of the content you see on this site was written in Markdown, a special composition language that’s designed to be easy to read. If you’ve ever used Discord and learned how to apply italic and bold formatting, you’ve been using Markdown.

And because it’s built using Hugo as a theme, eventually anyone will be able to create their own site using the same theme. You might not want your site to look like Mnemonic, but having the basic structure and layout will give you a good head start to making something you not only enjoy writing in, but that people enjoy reading as well.

Oh! Also! Every page on this site is printer-friendly. That might not be too exciting for blog posts, but if you prefer your rules text to be on physical paper, you’ll be able to print off any page you like–to paper, or to PDF.

What does this site do?

The site has a few cool features. First, it’s got a blog. (Heyo.) That means it’s easier for me to post updates for whatever I’m working on. I can write tutorials too, which is great because it makes them freely available to anyone who needs them, even when my Twitter account is locked down for privacy’s sake. I’ve already written a few posts that you can share; check out the list of recent posts here.

The next neat feature is that this site has a Dice Roller! It’s pretty basic, but it looks nice. We’ve also got a virtual poker deck you can draw through a card at a time, which is useful for playing games like Beyond the Rift when you don’t have a physical deck of cards handy. You can check those out here.

The last thing, and it’s maybe the most exciting thing, the Games page, where you can find links to the games I’ve written. Eventually, that page will also let you purchase and access the games directly within this site. There’s already one game, Anagram, that you can access right now for free. Go check it out.

You might also notice some buttons around the site on certain pages labeled “Leave a Tip”. These open up a Ko-Fi window where you can drop a dollar or two in the hat. Donations are always welcome, especially if you find this site useful beyond personal entertainment.

Appendix Underway

Our external team of writers has already written more than a dozen fantastic pieces of poetry and short fiction for the appendix.

The content isn’t fully complete yet, but what’s there is wonderful and I’m excited for people to see it.

New Art

Sin has been working on new artwork for the almanac; here’s a heroic turtle:

A sea turtle holds a glowing pearl in its mouth.
A sea turtle holds a glowing pearl in its mouth.

Just want to take a moment here to say how nice it is not to have to fight the Kickstarter text editor to make these art pieces look good.

Speaking of Sin…

The Bundle

Pam and Sin are in the process of moving to a new place, and they put together a bundle to raise money to help with the move. I highly recommend checking this bundle out; not only could they use the help, but everything in this bundle is wonderful and you’ll be glad you found it:

Help Pammu & Sin Sale!

Wrapping Up

That’s all I’ve got for now. But this site is a lot easier to update than the Kickstarter page; I’ll do my best to post the links there when I update this blog with new information related to the Kickstarter, but if you look at the Kickstarter and start wondering what’s happening, check back here for the latest. There’s lots to do, and we haven’t slowed down.

In the meantime, poke around the site, read some blog posts, have fun!