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Game Design Scratchpad

If I have things to talk about regarding game design that aren’t specific to Mnemonic, they’ll go here.

Community Copies
May 10, 2021: What are they, how do I set them up, why do people do them
Why So Sillious?
April 27, 2021: “Why are all your safety examples so…silly?” No one asks me this but I think about it a lot, so here’s the answer.
Addressing the Character Writing
April 23, 2021: What if the rules were explicit about not talking to the player at all?
What is Free Play? PBTAHouse rulesSpitball
March 30, 2021: A lot of roleplaying games elide the part that tells us how to do the roleplaying part. Can we talk about that, is that okay
The Pennyway Rule Forged in the DarkHouse Rules
January 21, 2021: A house rule for Forged in the Dark games that replaces harm, trauma, stress, and resistance with a more cohesive mechanic that grants players more agency over what happens to their characters within the story.